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Gill Rose

Sport & Remedial Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy


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How can massage help you?

Some of the conditions sport and remedial massage can help with

Remedial Massage for everyone

Remedial Massage is beneficial for anyone whatever age, whether you are someone who sits all day at a desk or computer, spends long periods of time driving or standing, uses repetitive movements in your job or leisure activities such as decorating, plastering, gardening, needlecraft or childcare, or manages a stressful job or life style.

For anyone experiencing muscular aches and pains or tension headaches, or feeling stiff and finding it difficult to perform certain tasks due to lack of flexibility, mobility or pain, remedial massage can help restore full and effective pain free functioning of the soft tissues, increasing your general well being and the quality of your life.

Sports Massage

Sports massage can help anyone who plays sport or takes part in physical activities either for enjoyment, to keep fit or competitively.

Regular sports massage, along with a good stretching and strengthening programme, will help to prevent injuries that impact on your training and take you away from your sport while you rehabilitate. It promotes faster recovery after intense training sessions, reducing recovery time between sessions and after competition, which increases the quality and quantity of training you can do.

A sports massage therapist will identify potential problem areas early on, often before you are aware of them, and can work on restoring full functioning to these areas as well as addressing areas of your body that are compensating for the problems.

A regular sport massage will optimise your performance in your sport and give you that edge over your competitors.  And if you are unfortunate enough to pick up an injury sports massage can aid with your rehabilitation and speed up the recovery time, getting you back to your sport more quickly.