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Gill Rose

Sport & Remedial Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy


Tel: 07786 323818

Email: g.rose68@btinternet.com

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What my clients say about me

“Gill is very professional, friendly and very thorough and I would certainly recommend her”.

Mike Bell, Stubbington Green Runners

"Gill has massively helped my body cope with an increase in mileage and the different activities I have undertaken so far this year. Her massage skills mean she can detect problems and solve them before I even know they are there! She knows just the right amount of pressure to use so that it makes a real difference but I am not left feeling I have been in the boxing ring! I cannot recommend her enough!"
Becky Mulley

“Gill took the time and care to get the background to my injury, and sure enough honed in on the injury site in my calf, focusing the massage in this area. Her advice on stretches and aftercare was really useful and I quickly made a full recovery. I would wholeheartedly recommend her”.

Tim S

“Thanks for a great massage - I love the cosy area you use for massage and the privacy it has. Your techniques have helped ease the knotted muscles I had from running and made my legs feel much stronger. See you again soon”
Caroline Street

"I have had two massages to my neck and shoulders and I have
found them extremely beneficial - my flexibility improving after each
treatment. During the massage Gill carefully explained each treatment
and the reason why she was doing it.   I would have no trouble in recommending Gill to anyone with a need for massage treatment and I wish her every success in the future."

Sue Concannon

“I think you must have given me a leg transplant yesterday when I wasn’t looking. They felt like new legs this morning, not a single twinge. I stretched them at 1 mile, not because I had to but because I felt I ought to. They were fantastic, you did a marvellous job. I did 10 miles altogether with quite a bit in Holly Hill with Julie, some walking, some running but the legs were fabulous.

Many thanks”.

Sue Robinson

“I am retired, fit and was hoping to run again, when suddenly struck with pain and aches- shoulder, neck, lower back, hips, thighs - skeletal and muscular.  I found Gill on the LSSM web site, loved her garden, relaxing massage area atmosphere but mostly the ease at which I could talk and explain my many complicated  problems.  Gill is very professional, she worked to a planned program and also contacted my Chiropractor to question and check details.  Many months have passed with regular weekly appointments of deep massage and finding every hidden painful knot, checking my Pilates daily exercise program by correcting and adding to help strengthen weakened muscles and sharing in my ups and downs while my body was slowly improving.  Gill has worked wonders and is the very best in all ways”. Delia Cousens

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“Very knowledgeable, understanding and professional”.  R Harding

“Felt a million times better after”. N Main

“Gill is a lovely lady who makes me feel relaxed and has helped with the problems that I have”.  B Tinsley

“It works!”. Anon

“Effective treatment that does the trick, it enabled me to run the marathon - thank you”. D Atyeo

“Great knowledge”.  M Eaton

“Excellent service at a great price”. B Gardiner

"Gill takes the time to explain the parts of the body, why you might be feeling discomfort, what she is doing to help the recovery, advice with exercises that may help me at home/ work etc. Everyone else I've used have just taken the money and done the job. Gill makes you feel like a person not a body on the table which shows to me she really cares and has a passion to help people. Also she is very very good". L Feltham-Wood