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Within the first 72 hours of injury the following is recommended to reduce the inflammation, pain and swelling associated with injury:

Protection – Protection refers to preventing further damage to the injury by protecting it

Rest – Rest from the activity and from anything else that causes pain or discomfort either while you are doing the activity or afterwards with rest

Ice – Apply ice or a cold pack to the injury for approximately 10 minutes every few hours. This helps reduce bleeding, swelling and bruising.  Do not apply ice directly to the skin; wrap in a damp tea towel or similar. Only keep the ice in place until the skin goes white; if it goes red you have kept it on too long

Compression – Apply a compression bandage or support. This will also help reduce bleeding and swelling.  If at any point you experience pins and needles, numbness or any colour change in your extremities (e.g. foot or hand), the bandage is too tight and is cutting off your circulation so loosen or remove it

Elevation – Raise the affected body part above the level of the heart and rest it there if possible. This helps the blood to flow back to the heart, reducing bleeding, bruising and swelling.